A real-time, computerized version of the basic two-man mudlogging unit. The computer adds to the efficiency of the mudlogging crew while providing error-free calculation in lag, penetration rate and a host of other parameters.

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Equipment and Services
Basic package
  • Computer w/ GeoStar Logging software
  • Computer (communication) w/ GeoView Log Drawing software
  • Depth
  • Pump & Lag Strokes
  • F.I.D. Total Gas (note there are 3 gas detectors on every unit)
  • F.I.D. chromatograph (with H2 Generator, no bottles)
  • Infrared gas detector (will not get fouled by special mud additives)
  • Mud temperature out
  • Weight on bit & hook load
  • Computerized parameter alarms
  • Unit pusher and night logger
  • One wet or dry cuttings sample
  • Properties of drilling fluid
  • 1-inch mud log
  • 5-inch mud log in shows
  • Show evaluation
  • Connection and trip gases
  • Penetration rate (feet per hour)
  • Three copies of daily and final logs
  • Pressure package includes a 1-inch log with the following: Drilling porosity, Dc exponent, Estimated pore pressure, Mud weight in, Mud out temperature

Optional Features

  • Remote monitor for company man with internet access (pictured above)
  • Extra men; two sample catchers are required at high rates of penetration
  • Extra sample; no charge if there are extra men on location
  • 1-inch TVD mudlog; can be swapped for any log in basic package at no extra cost
  • Full 5-inch mudlog; can be swapped for any log in basic package at extra cost
  • Hydrogen-sulfide detector; one-channel sensitive to one-fifth part-per-million
  • Satellite ku band with internet access
  • Engineers or user-defined log
  • Rig floor monitor; Full color in explosion proof housing (with internet access)
  • Shale density; non-toxic heavy solution compound
  • Infrared gas carbon dioxide detector
  • Pump pressure
  • Rotary RPM
  • Rotary torque
  • Chloride monitor
  • Flow
  • Pit level system